BWVE Manuals

IMPORTANT: Read carefully before installing fixture.
Retain for future reference.
6/93 IMI-313
General: Upon receipt of fixture thoroughly inspect for
Safety: This fixture must be wired in accordance with
any freight damage, which should be brought to the
the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes
attention of the delivering carrier. Compare the catalog
and ordinances. Proper grounding is required to insure
description listed on the packing slip with the fixture
personal safety. Carefully observe grounding procedure
label on the housing to assure you have received the
under installation section. All work should be done by a
correct merchandise.
qualified electrician.
WARNING: Make certain power is OFF before starting installation or attempting any maintenance.
CLEANING: The reflector and lens may be cleaned with any non-abrasive cloth
and mild detergent (i.e. 409 Cleaner). Cleaning should be done on the lens at room
temperature, and out of direct sunlight. To remove paint, lipstick, marker, etc., the
following solvents may be used:
RECOMMENDED: a solution of three (3) parts alcohol, one (1) part TOLUOL.
OR: four (4) parts alcohol, one part Methylethylketone (MEK).
Also safe, but less effective: Naphtha, Butyl Cellosolve, Kerosene.
NEVER USE: Gasoline, Benzene, Acetone, Carbon Tetrachloride or highly
alkaline cleaners. Never clean Luminaire while energized, or while lens is

WARNING: If the lens has a Factory-applied trim color, these solvents will also remove this paint.
Replacement of the entire lens is recommended in this case.
1. Remove lens, using a torx screwdriver (for screws with center-pin).
2. Remove the four 5/10” knock-outs.
Determine correct fasteners to use for the mounting surface. Fasteners should be 1/4” normal.
The mounting gasket may be used as a template to lay out the fastener locations.
Make wiring connections.
Place two of the mounting screws through the mounting plate, and position the mounting gasket into position
on the back (wall-side) of the plate.
Position mounting plate on wall in one of the “UP” orientations, according to the embossed arrows on the
mounting plate. Check position of internal reflector, if equipped (see Note).
Start mounting fasteners but do not tighten.
Check the gasket position.  At least 1/4 of gasket should extend beyond the mounting plate, all the way around.
10. Tighten all four mounting fasteners.
11. Install lamp. Screw base lamps should be tightened, then loosened one to two turns, then re-tightened. This
will properly seat the lamp for best mechanical and electrical connection.
12. Replace lens, tighten screws.
NOTE: For optional Internal Reflectors
If the fixture has a reflector attached to the mounting plate, it should be positioned above the lamp. If the lens
has a portion “Painted Out” to form an “Eyelid”, this portion should be positioned toward the ceiling, and over
the internal reflector.
These instructions do not claim to cover all details or variations in the equipment, procedure, or process
described, nor to provide directions for meeting every possible contingency during installation, operation or
maintenance. When additional information is desired to satisfy a problem not covered sufficiently for user’s
purpose, please contact your nearest representative.

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