BM 8270 Manuals

Fully configurable Token-Ring LAN switch at a
competitive cost

IBM 8270 Nways LAN Switch Family
New model
and MSS Domain Client Universal
A new member has been added to the
Feature Cards (UFCs) provide forward-
IBM 8270 Nways® LAN Switch family of
ing and routing services. The MSS Client
• Flexible enough to meet your
Token-Ring LAN switches. The new
also has an integrated ATM port and
exact needs
Model 600 joins the Model 800, providing
provides ATM-to-LAN port bridging.
a smaller, entry configuration (six slots).
These client-function products complete
• Layer 3 switching
Both models allow flexible configuration
the MSS client/server family and allow
with rich functionality provided by the
the MSS Server products to perform their
• Multiprotocol support
common set of Universal Feature Cards
job in the network at maximum efficiency.
they share. Similar to the Model 800, a
Along with virtual LAN (VLAN) support by
• Full-duplex (bi-directional)
typical network would benefit from the
protocol, OSI Layer 2 and 3 forwarding of
Model 600 by having each of its high-
IP, IPX, AppleTalk and Banyan VINES
volume servers placed on dedicated
protocols are provided.
• ATM uplinks
full-duplex segments and having client
workstations placed on shared seg-
• Three new MSS Universal Feature
ments using standard Token-Ring
Cost-effective Token-Ring
concentrators such as the IBM 8239
Token-Ring Hub.
The IBM 8270 Nways Token-Ring LAN
Switch provides a cost-effective solution
to Token-Ring LAN performance
New features
requirements. With a minimum of
Two new UFCs extend MSS forwarding
disruption to existing networks, you can
and routing services to the 8270 Nways
significantly address LAN performance.
LAN Switch Family. Both the MSS Client
A powerful LAN switch
With the 8270 you can build large
switched networks with high-speed
uplinks. A redundant power supply is
available to help ensure continuous
You can configure the versatile, modular
8270 LAN switch to:
• Add from 4 to 30 ports to your network
configuration, more ports per switch than
any other model.
IBM 8270 Nways Token-Ring Switch
IBM 8270 Nways Token-Ring Switch
• Install uplink UFCs to connect native
Model 600
Model 800
protocols to high-speed links like high-
speed Token Ring, ATM or the IBM 8260
Nways Multiprotocol Switching Hub.

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