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User Manual BDL4230E
• The casing cover should be opened only by qualified service personnel.
• If there is any need for any document for repair or integration, please contact with your local service center.
• Do not leave your monitor in a car/trunk under direct sun light.
Consult a service technician if the monitor does not operate normally, or you are not sure what procedure 
to take when the operating instructions given in this manual have been followed.
Read and follow these instructions when connecting and using your computer monitor:
• Unplug the monitor if you are not going to use it for an extensive period of time.
• Unplug the monitor if you need to clean it with a slightly damp cloth. The screen may be wiped 
with a dry cloth when the power is off. However, never use alcohol, solvents or ammonia-based 
• Consult a service technician if the monitor does not operate normally when you have followed 
the instructions in this manual.
• The casing cover should be opened only by qualified service personnel.
• Keep the monitor out of direct sunlight and away from stoves or any other heat source.
• Remove any object that could fall into the vents or prevent proper cooling of the monitor’s 
• Do not block the ventilation holes on the cabinet.
• Keep the monitor dry. To avoid electric shock, do not expose it to rain or excessive moisture.
• If turning off the monitor by detaching power cable or DC power cord, wait for 6 seconds 
before attach the power cable or DC power cord for normal operation.
• To avoid the risk of shock or permanent damage to the set do not expose the monitor to rain or 
excessive moisture.
• When positioning the monitor, make sure the power plug and outlet are easily accessible.
• IMPORTANT: Always activate a screen saver program during your application. If a still image in 
high contrast remains on the screen for an extended period of time, it may leave an “after-
image” or “ghost image” on the front of the screen. This is a well-known phenomenon that is 
caused by the shortcomings inherent in the LCD technology. In most cases the afterimage will 
disappear gradually over a period of time after the power has been switched off. Be aware that 
the after-image symptom cannot be repaired and is not covered under warranty.

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