Baseline Switch Manuals

3Com® Baseline Switches   
Key Benefits
Wide-Ranging Unmanaged Family
Plug-and-Play Unmanaged Operation
Small to mid-sized businesses looking for
3Com Baseline switches operate straight
a switched LAN with or without high-
out of the box, with no configuration
speed uplinks, or a low cost,
required. Auto MDI/MDIX ports identify
high-performance Gigabit network, will
and adapt to the Ethernet cable type,
find an affordable solution with the family
eliminating the most common cabling
of 3Com® Baseline switches, designed for
errors and simplifying installation.
plug-and-play network operation. 
Autosensing ports detect and adjust to the
speed of the connected device to optimize
10/100 Switching with Legacy Support
network performance.
3Com Baseline Switch 2016 and 2024 are
ideal for businesses with legacy Ethernet
Advanced Switching Features
desktops that want to start a network.
IEEE 802.1p Class-of-Service (CoS) traffic
Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) support easily
prioritization makes sure that real-time
handles higher speed desktop and office
applications such as video and audio take
server connections.
priority so they run effectively, and
enable the switches to operate in larger
10/100 Switching, Gigabit Uplinks 
For businesses ready to step up their 
network performance, the 3Com Baseline
Rack-Mounted or Free-Standing
Switch 2226 and 2250 offer 10/100
switching with two high-speed dual 
Small-business configurations can vary, so
purpose ports that can be used either as
the switches are designed to operate as a
10/100/1000 for fixed copper connections,
free-standing or rack-mounted switch
or fiber connections utilizing two Gigabit
with included mounting kit. The standard
SFP (Small Form-Factor Plug-in or mini-
19-inch, one rack-unit-high (1 RU) enclo-
GBIC) transceiver slots that accommodate
sure optimizes valuable office space.
any standard 1000BASE-LX or -SX trans-
ceiver module. 
Top Reliability with Limited Lifetime

High-Performance 10/100/1000
Sturdy design and construction pays off
in high reliability and long service life.
For top performance, the 3Com Baseline
Limited Lifetime hardware warranty and
10/100/1000 Switch 8-port and Baseline
Advance Hardware Replacement* provide
Switch 2816 and 2824 deliver wirespeed
peace of mind long after deployment. 
Gigabit throughput and a switching
capacity of up to 48 Gbps to handle the
most bandwidth-hungry applications.
*For U.S. and EU countries.

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