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5050 8 Ω
5200 4 Ω
15” Bass Midrange Drivers
High Sound Pressure Level 
High Sounding Quality 
The ”Fifty-fifty” is one of our best sellers. Designed in 1991, its goal
was to become a universal Bass Driver for high quality sounding
sound reinforcement multi-way systems. So that its qualities are
well balanced between parameters: High SPL / Bass extension /
enclosure compactness / sonic qualities. 
This statement comes from the exceptional powerful design of its
3”magnet system in association with a deflection controlled
diaphragm, which allows it to be used over 800 Hz if necessary
against the cost of a slight directivity compromise. 
The optimum acoustical load is Bass-Reflex type of 60L to 85L
tuned from 46Hz to 42Hz. Enclosure volumes over 90L are not
Power handling capacity    500 W AES
Reference efficiency (1W @ 1m) 98 dB SPL
SPL max (continuous)
121dB SPL
Usable frequency range     40-2000 Hz
Environmental withstanding
damping. DEFLECTION CONTROLLED DIAPHRAGM technology consists
in optimizing the shape and material of the diaphragm so that it
works as a mechanical transmission line, to avoid breaking modes
as well as mechanical threshold which destroy sound quality. 
This leading edge technology offers substantial sonic advantages.
Among them: sound coherency, fast transients, stable sound
imaging, high sensitivity, wide frequency range and reduced
FRAME : High tensile alloy pressure
directivity pattern.
die-cast basket with patented
VENTED COMPACT MAGNET SYSTEM. It has been carefully optimized
to obtain maximum transducing efficiency while avoiding unlinear
MAGNET SYSTEM : 3”highly energized,
behavior such as coil inductance variation with position, flux
heat extracting design with vented
modulation, harmonic distortion, rest position offset, air compression
pole piece and flux stabilizing ring.
and off-axis voice-coil pushing. 
Its design incorporates a T-shaped and vented pole piece, and 
VOICE COIL : High-temperature
a flux stabilization ring. It also takes into consideration
stabilized copper ribbon wound on
demagnetization at cold temperatures.
high-strength glass polyimide former.
IINTERCOOLER SYSTEM (patented). Entirely integrated into the
loudspeaker itself, the INTERCOOLER SYSTEM extracts the heat
CONE ASSEMBLY : High-strength
produced by Joule effect in the voice-coil by the means of an air
cellulose fiber cone and central dome
flow directed through the heatsink rims of the basket by the
impregnated and front-coated with
motion of the dust-cap and the spider.
damped resins, fitted with double-roll
The gain brought about by this technology is over 20 % of extra
treated and damped fabric surround.
power, so for example, a 3”coil according to this design has 
the same power handling capacity as a classical 4”one.
SPEAKER MASS : 9.10 kg.

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