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Best Practice | On-Site Debugging
This How To Note describes techniques for on-site debugging. It is in no way intended to be 
a comprehensive guide to debugging Allied Telesis equipment. Instead, it is aimed at passing 
on some techniques that have been found to be useful. Particularly, this document describes 
techniques which:
make it less likely that you will miss important pieces of information
make it simpler for someone else to analyse the debug information that you capture 
enable you to be more accurate in after-the-event discussions of what you saw.
Which products does it apply to?
This document applies to the following Allied Telesis routers and managed layer 3 switches:
AR300, AR400, and AR700 series routers
AT-8600, AT-8700XL, AT-8800, Rapier, and Rapier i series switches
AT-9800 series switches
AT-8900, AT-9900, and AT-9900s series switches
x900 series switches
SwitchBlade series switches
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debug connections:
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Note that many other How To Notes include troubleshooting information as well as 
configuration examples.
How To Notes are available from
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