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• Insert the locking post on the front right 
• Stake the tent down. Pull 
pole into a grommet on the web at the 
the floor taut as you work. 
front of the tent at A. Place the other front 
Always stake through the 
pole into the grommet at B. See fig.3.
web loops or rings, not 
through the grommets. 
• Locate the short pair of tent poles. Stand 
  See fig.8.
at the rear of the tent and insert the 
Component List:
tapered end of one of these poles into 
• Drape the fly over the tent 
1 Tent Body, 
1 Tent Fly, 
2 Front Poles,  
    2 Rear Poles ,
the diagonal hole in the junction tube 
with the vestibule over the 
1 Spanner, 
1 Center Hoop,  2 Junction Tubes,     1 Carry Bag,
marked “Rear Right.” Insert the second 
front door. 
1 Pole Bag, 
1 Stake Bag w/ Stakes 
short pole into the other diagonal hole in 
the junction tube. 
• Fold the fly back and reach 
NOTE: Do not drop tent bag or pole bag on its end. Do not bounce 
under it to attach the Velcro® 
tent bag on its end to get the tent out. These actions may cut the 
• Insert the locking post on the rear 
fasteners, from the inside of 
shock cord and/or damage the pole ends.
right pole into a grommet on the web 
fly, to the frame and junction 
at the rear of the tent at C. Insert the 
tubes. See fig.9.
other pole into the grommet at D.
• Unroll and unfold the tent with the floor on the ground. Remove the 
  See fig.3.
• Connect the four corner 
fly and set it aside. Do not stake the tent down yet. In windy 
buckles from the fly to their 
conditions, we recommend that an end should face into the wind 
mates on the tent corners.
and that you stake down one corner of this end. See fig.1.
• Stake out the rear vestibule 
• Join the shockcorded poles together and separate according to size. 
• Locate the spanner and insert one end through 
loop. Move to the front of 
Try to prevent pole sections from snapping together, as this can 
the center hole of the front junction tube. 
the tent, pull out the front 
damage the pole ends. Make certain that each insert has seated 
IMPORTANT: Disconnect rods in the middle of 
vestibule and stake down the stake out loops. Draw these out 
firmly into each plain end.
the spanner. See fig.4. Insert the opposite end of 
spanner through the rear junction tube. Push 
until the webs on the vestibule are tight. Work you way around 
down on the disconnected rods until they spring 
the tent and stake out the side webs. Take care, the fly must 
back together. This forms a free standing frame.
not contact the tent body. Tighten all straps as needed. 
  See fig.10.
• Connect tent to frame. Pull the shockcord loops at 
fig. 2
the peak of the tent up and over the junction tubes. 
Attach the tent clips to the poles. See figs.5 and 6.
Your tent is ready for use. 
fig. 1
• Insert a locking end tip of the 
• The tent features a High/Low venting, side opening door that 
curved center hoop into the 
will increase the amount of air flow through the tent. 
grommet on the side web at E. 
• In strong winds, tie extra lines to the storm loops on the fly and 
Attach the three pole clips to the 
stake down. Adjust the sliders so that the lines are tight.
• Locate the longer pair of tent poles. Stand at the front of the tent and 
center hoop. 
• Attach the junction tubes to the tents. Tie the included cord to 
insert the tapered end of one of these poles into the diagonal hole in 
• Move to the other side of the tent. Bend the center hoop down over 
the shockcord. Then, feed the other end through 1/8” hole in 
the junction tube marked “Front Right.” Insert the second long pole 
the spanner and insert the end into the side web grommet at F. 
the tube and tie a knot. This will help prevent loss and make the 
into the other diagonal hole in the same junction tube. See fig.2.
Attach the three remaining clips to the center hoop. See fig.7.
tubes easier to find in the dark.
REV. C  4-09

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