AC-210 E Manuals

AC-215 / AC-210 E AC Power Conditioner
Thank you for purchasing the Furman 
●  Advanced Linear Filtering Technology for 
AC-215 / AC-210 E Power Conditioner. For 
unequalled audio/video clarity
over 30 years, Furman has pioneered the 
●  Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus for AC 
development and manufacturing of AC power 
surge protection with Extreme Voltage 
products for the most demanding audio, 
Shutdown and a TVZ MOV offers the 
video, and broadcast professionals. Furman’s 
highest amount of protection available for 
Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) 
your equipment
delivers the purest AC power and the most 
●  Zero ground contamination circuitry 
comprehensive protection available – going far 
protects critical video circuits
beyond what is found in traditional surge strips.
●  Compact chassis design easily attaches 
to any fl at screen television mount with 
Today’s power grid typically experiences 
included hardware
numerous electrical surges and spikes on a 
daily basis. At best, these irregularities can 
Safety Information
degrade your equipment’s performance; at 
worst, they can severely damage individual 
To obtain best results from your Furman 
components or your entire system. Furman’s 
AC-215 / AC-210 E Power Conditioner, please 
SMP+ circuit offers the highest degree of 
be sure to  read this manual carefully before 
protection available.
The AC-215 / AC-210 E is specifi cally 
designed for today’s diverse power purifi cation 
applications. This compact unit can be 
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not 
mounted behind a projector; LCD or plasma 
expose this equipment to rain or moisture. 
screen; inside of a rack; on a wall or a 
Dangerous high voltages are present inside 
ceiling; or any other location where discrete 
the enclosure. Do not remove the covers. 
power conditioning is needed. Its compact, 
There are no user serviceable parts inside. 
streamlined design integrates easily into any 
Refer servicing to qualifi ed personnel only. 
system, and the included brackets allow you to  The lightning fl ash with an arrowhead symbol, 
mount it inconspicuously.
(within an equilateral triangle) is intended to 
alert the user to the presence of un-insulated 
dangerous voltage within the product’s 
enclosure that may be of suffi cient magnitude 
to constitute a risk of electric shock.
Important Safety Instructions
1. Please read and observe all safety and 
operating instructions before installing your 
unit. Retain these instructions for future 
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