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high-pressure hose

inlet water
3/4” garden
Check for Shipping Damage
Connect to Water Supply
Check the pressure washer for shipping damage. If
anything is damaged, notify the carrier immediately.
Before you connect to the water supply, check
Set Up
your local plumbing code regarding cross
connection to the water supply. Backflow
Connect the high-pressure hose between the pump
Preventer 801133 is available to prevent
outlet and the gun inlet. Both of these connections are
backflow of contaminated water into the fresh
made with quick couplers.
water supply. Install it upstream from the pump.
If inlet water pressure is over 60 psi (414 kPa,
4.1 bar) Regulating Water Valve 800258 must be
installed at the garden hose connection.
Up to 100 ft (30 m) of high-pressure hose may
Do not exceed 160_ F (70_ C) inlet water
be used. Longer hoses may affect sprayer and
chemical injector performance.
Install the appropriate spray tip on the wand. See
Connect a hose with at least a 3/4-in. (19 mm) ID from
Installing and Changing Spray Tips on page 6. If
the water supply to the 3/4-in. garden hose inlet. The
you use a sandblaster kit, see its separate manual for
supply hose should not be more than 50 ft (15 m) long
installation instructions.
NOTE:  The water source must have a minimum flow
rate equal to that of the pressure washer. See
Technical Data on page 15.
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