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Compaq Flat Panel Monitor Rackmount (TFT450R)
M O D E L S  
Compaq Flat Panel Monitor Rackmount (TFT450R) 
The Compaq Flat Panel Monitor Rackmount (TFT450R) uses Thin Film Transistor technology, which offers high-performance and reliability in a space-
saving 2U retractable design. 
O V E R V I E W  
Space Savings 
14.5 (37 cm) display delivers a viewable image area that is especially designed to effectively utilize available rack cabinet space. The space-saving 
benefits (2U retractable versus 9-11U) of flat panel monitors can be gained without having to sacrifice viewable image size or performance. 
High resolution of 1024 x 768 @ 75 Hz supports most commonly used resolutions for traditional CRT customers. It also offers 800 x 600 @ 75 Hz and 
640 x 480 @ 75 Hz to support most major resolutions.  
TFT active matrix screen guarantees a flicker-free picture, which is brighter, more vibrant and in sharper focus than a CRT monitor. Using three 
transistors for each pixel, active matrix produces a high quality display and eliminates the problems associated with passive matrix LCD screens.  
Improved picture quality is achieved through the elimination of the variations in convergence, magnetic field and poor geometry.  
Side-to-side wide angle viewing displays a quality picture even when the user is not directly in front of the monitor.  Specifically, the monitor supports 
quality viewing at angles of 120o horizontally and 105o vertically.  Compaq uses a compensation film.  Flat panels without this film lose contrast and 
picture quality at wide angles. 
Ergonomic Design 
Intuitive, 3 button On-Screen Display (OSD), is conveniently located on the front of the monitor, making screen adjustments easy.   
A wide array of adjustments can be made, including contrast, brightness, vertical/horizontal position, clock, clock phase, clock fine, language selection, 
power saver, mode display, serial number, ful  screen, and factory reset.   
Compaq-unique LiteSaver (timer function) in the OSD is one of the management functions.  It turns the monitor off at a specific time and returns it to full 
power later.  This feature is designed to prolong the life of the backlights.  
Multilingual On-Screen Display gives a visual illustration of adjustments to be made, allowing for quick and easy custom adjustments. 
Microprocessor-based, intelligent scanning allows for modes, size, and centreing to be adjusted and saved. There are 12 factory preset-modes and 
four user-programmable modes. Protective front panel offers protection to screen, eliminating the fear of puncture from pen, or other objects. 
LCD Display Assistant provides quick steps that aid in fine-tuning the display to optimize performance.  This eliminates the need to guess at the settings 
to provide the best front-of-screen performance. 
Low Cost of Ownership 
The Compaq Flat Panel Monitor uses about a third of the power of a 15″ (38 cm) CRT monitor and emits less heat, which is important in today’s rack 
environment. The most stringent worldwide environmental regulatory standards are met, including:  
Energy Star Compliance 
TCO ’92 Certification  
MPR-II Compliance 
CFC Manufacturing 
CE Mark Certification 
Canada — Version 6 — March 19, 2001 

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