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ITEM # _______________________________________________
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PROJECT NAME # ______________________________________
High Speed Grill
SIS # _________________________________________________
AIA # _________________________________________________
Technical Specs
• AISI 304 S/S lid and top plate.
• AISI 430 S/S back cover and galvanized steel bottom cover.
• Painted steel side panels.
• Aluminium ribbed top contact plate (8 7/16″ × 8 7/16″) treated with
a special non-stick coating.
• The self adjusting top plate makes it possible to grill sandwiches
from 3/8″ up to 3″ thick.
• Smooth 4 mm thick quartz glass bottom cooking surface
(9 13/16″ × 9 13/16″).
• Independent temperature setting of the top and bottom plates from
320 to 536°F.
• Automatic holding and opening system controlled by an
• Automatic lifting of the lid at the end of the cooking cycle via gas
• Electronic control with digital LED display.
• Countdown display and buzzer at the end of the cycle.
• 2 temperature probes for an independent control of the top and
bottom plate temperature.
• 900W MICA heating element on the top plate.
• 900W electrical armored heating elements on the bottom plate.
High Speed Grill
• 2 × 1000W magnetrons for microwave.
High speed sandwich grill
• Side louvres for efficient cooling ventilation.
• Ergonomic aluminium handle with plastic grip.
Short Form Specification
• Removable front panel and dismountable upper plate for better
• Supervisor mode to program up to 4 cooking cycle.
Item No. ___________________________________
• Programmable parameters:
The Electrolux High Speed Grill is the fastest sandwich grill in
- top plate temperature¹
the world. Using breakthrough Microwaves in combination
- bottom plate temperature¹
with Infrared technology, cooking times can be reduced up to
- duration of cycle
75% while delivering superior sandwich quality by combining
- duration of microwave within each cycle
simultaneously infrared radiation, contact plates and
microwaves you can perfectly toast and warm up the core of
- Stand-by delay
your favourite panini for a Great Tasting, Hot and Crispy
- Stand-by temperature
Sandwich in less than 60 seconds.* Just place your sandwich
• IP24 protection index.
on the cooking surface and close the lid. The HSG will self
• 78 3/4″ cable included.
adapt the upper grilling plate and automatically open the lid for
you when the sandwich is ready. When not in operation, the
HSG will automatically enter in stand by mode reducing the
¹ the temperature remains fixed for all cooking cycles
energy consumption.
*Depending on the cooking mass.
High Speed Grill
Approval: ___________________________________________
Electrolux Professional, Inc.
10200 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262 • Telephone  Number:  866-449-4200 • Fax Number: 704-547-7401

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