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ITEM # _______________________________________________
MODEL # _____________________________________________
PROJECT NAME # ______________________________________
SIS # _________________________________________________
105″ Multi Tank Conveyor Dishwasher
AIA # _________________________________________________
Main features
• DUO Rinse. Unit to feature 23″ rinse tank with two rinse arms (top and bottom).
• Large 40 gallon wash tank with two wash pumps. 3 HP wash pump for top
wash arms and 1.5 HP wash pump for lower wash arms. Wash arms specifically
designed for maximum soil removal.
• Built in atmospheric booster system with air break.
• Built in rinse booster pump guarantees constant rinse pressure.
• Speed of conveyor can be set through the control panel by the operator.
250 racks/hr or 350 racks/hr.
• Large counter balanced inspection doors in pre wash, wash and rinse sections
allow unrestricted all round access to the wash and rinse area. Door is insulated
with injected foam. This adds strength as well as reduces noise and heat loss.
• Large filters sloping towards the front to the smaller pressed filter box for quick
removal. Filters feature holes smaller than the concave ant-block wash nozzles so
large food cannot enter and block the wash system. Filters easy to remove from
pre wash as well as wash sections.
• Adjustable feet for full access underneath the machine for cleaning.
105" Multi Tank Conveyor Dishwasher
• Push button self cleaning cycle of all tanks for ease of “end of day” cleaning.
• Rinse chamber without internal pipes and therefore no hidden dirt traps.
534186 (WT105BL208)
105″ Conveyor Dishwasher.
• Wash chamber without internal pipes and therefore no hidden dirt traps.
Left to Right - 208 V
• Pre wash chamber without internal pipes and therefore no hidden dirt traps.
534187 (WT105BR208)
105″ Conveyor Dishwasher.
• Self draining wash pumps provide maximum hygiene with no smells and all
Right to Left - 208 V
wash and rinse zones drain automatically at the push of a button.
534188 (WT105BL240)
105″ Conveyor Dishwasher.
• Heavy duty stainless steel wash pump (impeller and housing).
Left to Right - 240 V
• Pre wash section uses cold water so food remains are not “baked” onto the plates.
534189 (WT105BR240)
105″ Conveyor Dishwasher.
Right to Left - 240 V
• Deep drawn pressed 40 gal wash tank with fully rounded corners, sloped towards
the drain to prevent dirt build up provides fast drainage in only a few minutes.
Pressed wash tank with no welded points offer a guaranteed water tight solution.
Short Form Specification
• Deep drawn pressed 11.8 gal pre wash tank with fully rounded corners.
• Dishwasher structure is held together with a solid 2″ × 2″ stainless steel tube
sub-frame to provide long term sturdiness.
Item No. ___________________________________
• All main components made in heavy duty anti-corrosive 304 type stainless steel:
Unit to be Electrolux WT105 Hot Water Sanitizing 105² multi tank con-
tanks, panels, pre-wash, wash & rinse arms and caps, doors, front, handle, rear
veyor dishwasher with built in 40°F rise hot water booster. Electrical
and side-panels and rack transportation system.
105" Multi T
characteristics to be ____ 208 V or ____ 240 V three phase operation.
• Pre-wash, wash and rinse arms can be easily removed for cleaning.
Unit to operate from ___ left to right or ____ right to left. Unit to include
• IPX5 (NEMA4) water protection ensures no damage from cleaning.
22² cold water pre wash zone with powerful 0.5 HP pump motor. Wash
zone with two individual wash pumps. 3 HP wash pump for top wash arms
• Autostart/stop ensures that the machine runs only when a rack is passing
and 1.5 HP wash pump for lower wash arms. Unit to feature 23² DUO rinse
through it. This reduces both water and energy consumption.
area with atmospheric built in booster system and built in rinse booster
• Internal curtains made of silastic material and are not affected by detergent or heat.
pump thus guaranteeing rinse pressure during rinse cycle. Unit to feature
• Electronic control panel features large display for reading of pre wash, wash and
two conveyor speeds which can be selected from the control panel by
rinse temperatures.
the operator, 250 racks/hour or 250 racks/hour. Maximum water con-
ank Conveyor Dishwasher WT105
sumption at 350 racks/hour of  only 87 gal/hour (0.3 gal/rack). Unit to
• Low water consumption. At 350 racks per hour, the machine uses only 87 gal/hr
feature large heat and noise insulated front counter balanced door in pre
(0.3 gal/rack).
wash, wash and rinse tanks for easy access of internal components.
• Machine predisposed for external detergent and rinse aid connections.
Unit to feature as standard end of day self cleaning cycle. Drain of water
from the machine can be done through the control panel. Large deep
Included Accessories
drawn 40 gal wash tank for extended wash sessions.
• Vent cowls (left and right side).
Covered by Electrolux Platinum Star® Service Program two-year parts
and one-year labor warranty, installation start-up and performance check-
• One open sided dishwasher rack for trays.
up after one year from installation.
• Rack for cups.
• Rack for dinner plates.
Optional Accessories
• Ventilation activation kit.
Approval: ___________________________________________
Electrolux Professional, Inc.
3225 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33312 • Telephone Number: 866-449-4200 • Fax Number: 954-327-6789

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