50-0263x-001 SERIES Manuals

            50-0263x-001 SERIES    1181310   
            50-0263x-018 SERIES    1181315 
            50-0263x-019 SERIES    1181320
            CHEVROLET S-10 BLAZER  
                 These instructions are intended for use only by experienced professionals in the automotive 
                 customizing business. Special tools and equipment, as well as specialized handling and care 
                 of product during installation, may be required. Before beginning this installation, carefully read 
through the following instructions.  
Materials/ Tools required for this installation: 
            1.  #2 Phillips screwdriver  
2. Powered screwdriver or drill with adapter 
            3.  3/8" drill bit  
4.  Razor knife or similar 
            5.  Awl or similar tool                           
6.  Audiovox  VCP  (AVP- 7180 or equiv.) 
                                  MATERIALS PROVIDED FOR INSTALLATION: 
Jan. 21, 1999 
Printed in the U.S.A 

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