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4800OneTouch Series
Outstanding Value
Award Winning Software
When the high performance and quality of the Xerox 4800 range is
PaperPort Deluxe – The world’s best-selling
combined with the award-winning software packages you have the
document and image management application
ultimate scanning solution at outstanding value for money.
creates thumbnails of everything you scan
• High speed USB 2.0 connectivity
allowing easy filing in colour-coded folders. PaperPort works with most
• Revolutionary One Touch Technology
popular applications. Simply drag and drop a thumbnail onto the link icon
• 1200 x 4800 dpi Optical Resolution
and your document is on its way to that application!
• 48-bit True Colour
• Lightning Fast Scans

TextBridge – PaperPort’s built-in TextBridge
OCR engine automatically converts typed or
• 35 mm transparency and negative adaptor with the Xerox 4800 TA
printed documents into editable documents
Stylish & Speedy – The high speed USB 2.0 Xerox 4800 and
and sends them to your word processor. You’ll never have to retype a
4800TA scan up to 5.5x faster than USB 1.1 scanners and up to 2.9x
text document that you wish to edit.
faster than other USB 2.0 scanners. The design appeals not only to
people who want the latest technology but also to people who are
Ulead PhotoExpress – PhotoExpress gives you
looking for a scanner that will look great on their desk because the
powerful yet easy-to-use editing tools to personalise
Xerox 4800 range feature a super slimline shape with an attractive
your favourite photos in no time. Create impressive
metallic-look silver finish for the more stylish conscious user.
greetings cards, calendars, web pages and much more with just a few
Superb Image Quality – 48-bit internal colour capability
clicks, then send them to friends & family or share them on the Internet.
recognises over 281 trillion colours. 48-bit scanners capture more
detail in the shadow and highlight areas of an image than their 42-bit
Scan Manager Pro Driver
predecessors, so you get brighter yellows, richer reds, cooler blues,
––– scanner
• Image adjustments automatically update in configuration window
and everything between. 
––– Xerox 4800
One Touch
• Use preset configurations or save your own
The Xerox 4800
1200 x 4800 dpi Optical Resolution eliminates jagged edges
New slimline design
custom configurations for later use
and captures the finest detail from your original. That’s enough resolution
and 4800 TA are
• View image dimension, file size and empty
Windows 98

to turn a 6” x 4” photo into a 24” x 16” image with no loss of detail
drive space information before scanning
perfect for the home or small office
Windows 2000 ✓
FlashBack Bi-directional AutoScan Technology 
• Batch scan from single or multiple originals
user who wants a fast and easy-to-
Other scanners take two complete passes to perform an autocrop
by drawing multiple cropping boxes
Windows ME

scan. The Xerox 4800 with our revolutionary FlashBack technology
use scanner for establishing a
• Choose each batch scan by tab to modify settings
Windows XP

saves time by doing it in a single pass. With FlashBack AutoScan
paperless office or creating colourful
enabled, the scanner moves one way to preview the image area quickly,
Product Specifications:
Installation Instructions 
automatically crops to the edges of the photo then reverses direction
Optical Resolution: 
1200 x 4800 dpi
in 12 European languages
projects for print or Internet use.
and performs the final high resolution scan on the return trip.
Hardware Supersampling Resolution:
4800 dpi
Operation in English, French,
Enhanced Resolution (interpolated):
4800 dpi
German, Spanish and Italian
The Xerox 4800 and 4800TA come
Easy to Setup and Use – Our revolutionary One Touch technology
Scanner Bit Depth (colour):
48-bit internal 
simplifies the way people use scanners, so you can get great results
(over 281 trillion colours)
Minimum System 
complete with ScanSoft’s PaperPort
within minutes of opening the box. The scanner has five One Touch
Scanner Bit Depth (greyscale):
16-bit internal 
(65,536 shades of grey)
Deluxe 8.0 with built-in OCR and
buttons, four of which are pre-configured, allowing you to send scanned
Scanning Area:
Up to 216mm x 297mm (A4/letter) 
• Pentium equivalent
images straight to PaperPort for editing, email, OCR for editing text or
(8.5" x 11.69")
processor or higher
Ulead’s PhotoExpress. 
a printer. The fifth button is the Custom button and can be programmed
Scan Method: Fast single pass with FlashBack AutoScan
• Requires Windows
to send a scanned image to any image, text, fax or print application.  
USB 2.0 (Compatible with USB 1.1) 
• 64MB of RAM 
Scan Manager Pro
(128MB for Windows XP)
The Xerox 4800TA includes a built-in
Powerful Scanning of 35mm Slides and Negatives 
Light Source:
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
• 160MB of free Hard Disk
The Xerox 4800TA includes a built-in backlight and film holder for
Dimensions: 432mm x 302mm x 66mm (17" x 11.9" x 2.6")
Transparency Adapter for scanning
4800: 2.32 kg (5.5lb),  4800TA: 2.64kg (5.8lb)
scanning 35mm slides and negatives. Archive old photos from negatives
• CD-ROM drive
Part No:
4800: 90-8000-200, 
4800TA: 90-8001-200
• Colour monitor
35mm slides and negatives.
for higher quality.
Barcode: 4800: 4711860800225,  4800TA: 4711860800224
• USB port
Need more information?  Find it at www.xeroxscanners.com or contact us at: Xerox Scanners, PO Box 3000, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2ZR UK 
Telephone: +44 (0)870 0113000   Fax: +44 (0)870 774 4490

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