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Before you begin:
Make sure your package includes the following items:TV and mains cord,
remote control, Instruction manual,  antenna cable (optional) and Coaxial
cable (optional).
Read your manual first – your Philips TV comes with a well-designed
remote control and onscreen display to ensure your TV is easy to
2.  The tips provided in this manual will save you time and money as
charges for TV installation and adjustments of customer controls are
not covered under the warranty.
For information outside of this manual, such as sales locations and
other Philips products, please visit www.philips.com which will
automatically link you to your local Philips website.
4. Please refer to the ‘Troubleshooting Tips’on page 15 before calling for
In case of a need to call for service, we recommend you to call from
your room where your TV is located and have on hand your remote
control, warranty card, TV model and serial number.
Do not discard packaging materials:

without thorough inspection for parts and that accessories that may be
packed separately inside the carton.

during the warranty period should you need to exchange the set.
The materials used in your set are either reusable or can be recycled.
To minimise environmental waste, specialist companies collect used
appliances and dismantle them after retrieving any materials that can be
used again (ask your dealer for further details).
Disclaimer: Graphics in this manual are for illustration purpose and may not represent the
actual product

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