3130 Manuals

Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 
3130 for Dell and Cisco Catalyst Blade 
Switch 3032 for Dell 
Getting Started Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to install the Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 
3130 for Dell and the Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3032 for Dell—both hereafter 
referred to as the switch—in the Dell Modular Server Chassis and how to set up 
and configure your switch. The Dell Modular Server Chassis—hereafter referred 
to as the server chassis—is a system that supports up to sixteen server modules 
and up to six Ethernet switches. You install the switch in one of the chassis I/O 
module bays on the rear panel of the server chassis.
Also covered in this guide are switch management options and troubleshooting 
help for the switch.
For details on the number, types, and the location of the module bays and for 
additional information on the entire modular server system, see the 
documentation for the Dell PowerEdge Systems at www.support.dell.com.
For additional installation and configuration information about the switch, see the 
Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3000 Series for Dell documentation on Cisco.com. 
For system requirements, important notes, limitations, open and resolved caveats, 
and last-minute documentation updates about the switch, see the release notes, 
also on Cisco.com.
When you use the online publications, refer to the documents that match the Cisco 
IOS software version that is running on the switch.
Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3130 for Dell and Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3032 for Dell Getting Started Guide

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