2981 Manuals

For Ford Windsor V8 Engines with 9.2” and 9.5” Deck
Catalog #2980 & #2981
PLEASE study these instructions carefully before beginning this installation. Most installations can be accomplished with common tools and
procedures. However, you should be familiar with and comfortable working on your vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable performing this installation,
it is recommended to have the installation completed by a qualified mechanic. If you have any questions, please call our Technical Hotline at:
1-800-416-8628, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday or e-mail us at [email protected]
IMPORTANT NOTE: Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer.  Improper installation
will void your warranty and may result in poor performance and engine or vehicle damage.
DESCRIPTION: The Victor Jr. Ford 351-W intake manifolds are designed for use on oval-track or drag racing applications operating between 3500
and 7500 RPM. Manifold #2980 fits Ford SVO engine blocks with a 9.200” deck height, and #2981 fits standard 351-W blocks with a deck height of
9.500”. Victor Jr. 351-W intake manifolds can be used with ported factory iron 351-W cylinder heads (Early 1969-1971 models are preferred).
Aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads such as Edelbrock Victor Jr. #77169 or Edelbrock Victor #77219 are highly recommended. These intake
manifolds are intended for competition vehicles only, and are not intended to be used on the street, as they do not have provisions for chokes, emission
pieces, etc.

ACCESSORIES & INSTALLATION ITEMS: Major recommendations are listed below. See our catalog for details. To order a catalog, call (800)
FUN-TEAM, or visit www.edelbrock.com.

CARBURETOR RECOMMENDATIONS: Use appropriate square-bore racing carburetor.

CARBURETOR SPACERS: Some applications may benefit from the use of a one-inch open (not 4-hole) carburetor spacer, such as Edelbrock
#8710. This may require minor re-calibration of the carburetor since small losses in fuel signal strength can cause the engine to run somewhat
leaner than without the spacer. A simple jet change is usually all that is necessary.

GASKETS: Do not use competition-style intake gaskets for street/strip applications. Due to material deterioration over time, internal leakage of
vacuum, oil, and coolant may occur.
2980, 2981
Edelbrock #7220  Port: 1.20” x 2.00”, .060” Thickness

Each intake runner should be port-matched to the cylinder head port size on all four sides of the runner exit. This is the floor, roof, and each
sidewall. Any sharp edges left from port runner enlargement should be radius blended to prevent high RPM air/fuel separation at the cylinder
head. Due to the as-cast size of the Victor Jr. intake manifolds, very little material removal is required. Smooth over any sharp edges on the
ends of the divider walls in the plenum, but do not alter the length of the divider walls. Hard-roll polishing is acceptable, but grinding away
substantial amounts of material can impair performance by upsetting the air/fuel distribution among the cylinders.
Aftermarket performance ignition should be used with Victor series intake manifolds. MSD distributor #8578 is recommended to provide
clearance to the front water crossover. A Mallory Comp 9000 distributor may also be used, but the fins on one side of the distributor might
hit the water crossover or thermostat housing. Trimming of these fins will be required to provide clearance.
Use modified or high performance cylinder heads such as our Victor Jr. or Victor, and port-match the manifold to the heads.

CAMSHAFT AND HEADERS: Victor Series manifolds are compatible with aftermarket camshafts and headers designed to work in the same RPM
range as the intake manifold. Actual camshaft specifications and header primary length and diameter should be determined based upon the
intended use and specifications of the engine being built  Consult your engine builder or contact our Technical Hotline for further assistance.
Catalog #2980, 2981
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