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EFI Victor Jr. 4.6L Intake Manifold
For 4.6L SOHC Ford V8 
Catalog #28385
PLEASE study these instructions carefully before beginning this installation. Most installations can be accomplished with common tools and
procedures. However, you should be familiar with and comfortable working on your vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable performing this installation,
it is recommended to have the installation completed by a qualified mechanic. If you have any questions, please call our Technical Hotline at:
1-800-416-8628, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday or e-mail us at [email protected]
IMPORTANT NOTE: Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer.  Improper installation
will void your warranty and may result in poor performance and engine or vehicle damage.
DESCRIPTION: This intake manifold is designed to allow the use of aftermarket EFI on a Ford 4.6L Modular Single Overhead Cam engine. This will
eliminate the use of the OEM fuel injection system and is intended for longblocks that have been installed in early model or custom vehicles. A fuel
rail kit for this manifold is sold seperately as part #3639.
❑ 1 Victor Jr. Intake Manifold
❑ 1 Fitting; 3/8 NPT to 3/4” hose
❑ 1 Plug; 3/8 NPT
❑ 8 Bolt; M6 x 1.0 x 30mm hex flange head
NOTE: This intake manifold is not designed for use in street driven vehicles equipped with the 4.6L engine. It is primarily intended to be used on race
cars that require air and fuel in excess of what the factory fuel injection system and manifold are capable of supplying. These installation instructions
do not attempt to cover the steps necessary to convert a vehicle to aftermarket fuel injection, they only cover what is needed to install this intake on
a properly prepared longblock.
Use only the recommended OEM intake gaskets with this manifold.
Fully clean the intake manifold and cylinder head flanges. No
sealants or adhesives are necessary.
Install the manifold on the block. Lightly coat the manifold bolts with
30W motor oil then gently thread them into the heads to hold the
intake in place. Do not apply any torque to the bolts at this time.
Install the themostat and allow it to drop into the machined recess.
The o-ring supplied with the thermostat should then be pressed in
and compressed by the thermostat housing.
The manifold bolts (including the thermostat housing bolts) can now
be tightened according to the torque sequence (See Figure 1).
Figure 1 - Torque Sequence
Torque manifold bolts to 15-20 ft/lbs.
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Catalog #28385
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