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General Cautions and Warnings
This page describes general safety and maintenance warnings and cautions for the printer and
are referenced throughout the manual.
Warning - Shock Hazard
The printer should never be operated in a location where it can
get wet. Personal injury could result.
Warning - Static Discharge
The discharge of electrostatic energy that accumulates on the
surface of the human body or other surfaces can damage or
destroy the print head or electronic components used in this
device. DO NOT TOUCH the print head or the electronic
components under the print head assembly.
Caution - Printer Setup & Handling
1)When installing or modifying the printer setup or
configuration, ALWAYS TURN POWER OFF Before:
A) Connecting any cables.
B) Performing any cleaning or maintenance operations.
C) Moving the printer.
Media Warning
Always use high quality approved labels and tags. If adhesive
backed labels are used that DO NOT lay flat on the backing
liner, the exposed edges may stick to the label guides and
rollers inside the printer, causing the label to peel off from the
liner and jam the printer.
Media Reload Hint
If you should run out of labels while printing, DO NOT turn the
power switch OFF (0) while reloading or data loss may occur.
The printer will automatically resume printing when a new label
or ribbon roll is loaded.
Print Quality Tip
Print density (darkness) is affected by the heat energy (density
setting) applied and by the print speed. Changing both Print
Speed and Density may be required to achieve the desired
980344-001 Rev.A

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