2008 ML 63 AMG Manuals

Service and Literature
Your authorized Mercedes-Benz Light Truck Center has trained technicians and Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts to service your vehicle 
For expert advice and quality service, contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz Light Truck Center.
If you are interested in obtaining service literature for your vehicle, please contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz Light Truck Center. 
We consider this the best way for you to obtain accurate information for your vehicle.
For further information you can find us on the Mercedes-Benz web-site www.mbusa.com or www.mercedes-benz.ca.
To help avoid personal injury, be extremely careful when performing any service work or repairs. Improper or incomplete service or the use of 
incorrect or inappropriate parts or materials may damage the vehicle or its equipment, which may in turn result in personal injury.
If you have questions about carrying out any type of service, turn to the advice of an authorized Mercedes-Benz Light Truck Center.
We reserve the right to make changes in design and equipment.
 Therefore, information, illustrations and descriptions in this Operator’s Manual might differ from your vehicle.
 Reprinting, translation and copying, even of excerpts, is not permitted without our prior authorization in writing.
Press time March 23, 2007
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