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Important Safety
 Follow package directions when using laundry products.  Incorrect
usage can produce poisonous gas--resulting in serious injury or death.
Instructions  (continued)

Do not combine laundry products for use in 1 load unless specified on the label.

Do not mix chlorine bleach with ammonia or acids such as vinegar.
 To prevent serious personal injury and damage to the laundry center:

All repairs and servicing must be performed by an authorized servicer
 Do not use or mix
unless specifically recommended in this Owner's Guide. Use only authorized
liquid chlorine bleach with other
factory parts.
household chemicals such as toilet

Do not tamper with controls.
cleaners, rust removers, acid or

Do not install or store the laundry center where it will be exposed to the
products containing ammonia. These
mixtures can produce dangerous
fumes which can cause serious injury

 ALWAYS disconnect the laundry center from the electrical supply
or death.
before attempting any service or cleaning. Failure to do so can result in electrical
shock or injury.
 Do not use any type spray cleanser when cleaning dryer interior.
Hazardous fumes or electrical shock could occur.
 To prevent injury, do not reach into the washer while parts are
moving.  Before loading, unloading or adding items, push in the cycle selector knob
and allow the tub to coast to a complete stop before reaching inside.
 To prevent injury, do not reach into the dryer if the drum is moving.
Wait until the dryer has stopped completely before reaching into the drum.
 A thermal limiter switch automatically turns off the dryer motor in the
unlikely event of an overheated situation (electric dryers only). A service technician
must replace the thermal limiter switch after correcting the fault.
 The washer is equipped with an electrical overload protector. The
motor will stop if it becomes overheated. The washer will automatically restart after
a cool down period of up to 30 minutes, if the washer has not been manually turned
off during this time.
 Failure to comply with these warnings could result in serious personal

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