12-Port VoSHDSL Access Multiplexer SAM2000V-12 Manuals

Interface Module User Guide
12-Port VoSHDSL Access Multiplexer  
Also:  SAM2000QV-12 (2B1Q) and SAM2000V-12 (CAP)  
VoSDSL access multiplexers are intended for use in Net to Net Technologies' IPD12000 and IPD4000 
DSLAMs. Model types vary by the SDSL line code utilized. 
1.1   SAM2000GV-12 
The SAM2000GV-12 operates with Transmission Convergence/Pulse Amplitude Modulation 
(TC/PAM) line code: a sixteen-level PAM technique which incorporates advanced Trellis code, 
precoding, spectral shaping, equalization circuits and forward error correction. Otherwise known as 
1.2   SAM2000QV-12 
The SAM2000QV-12 operates with Two Binary, One Quaternary (2B1Q) line code: a four-level PAM 
technique which reduces the signaling rate to half of the bit rate. 
1.3   SAM2000V-12 
The SAM2000V-12 operates with Carrierless Amplitude and Phase (CAP) modulation line code: 
transmit and receive signals are modulated into two wide-frequency bands that can pass through a 
filter without being attenuated. 
NOTE Throughout this document, "SAM2000GV" is utilized to indicate all three VoSDSL access multiplexer models; 
information given applies to all three models except as individually stated or otherwise noted. 
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