12-Port T1 Access Multiplexer TAM1500-12 Manuals

Interface Module User Guide 
12-Port T1 Access Multiplexer
CAUTION Net to Net Technologies strongly recommends the use of proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) precautions 
when handling this equipment. 
1. Unpack and inspect the TAM1500-12.
If there is visible damage, do not attempt to connect the device; contact Customer Support at 1-
877-638-2638 (001-603-427-0600 for international customers) or [email protected]
2. Install the TAM1500-12 in an IP DSLAM chassis.
NOTE There must be a Multiplexer Uplink Module installed in the IP DSLAM chassis in order for Access Modules to 
All Access Multiplexer Modules for Net to Net Technologies' IP DSLAMs are hot swappable; 
installing or removing an Access Module while the chassis is powered up does not affect the 
operational status of other Access Modules within the chassis. The IPD12000 is a fourteen slot 
chassis; slots 1-12 are reserved for Access Modules (such as the TAM1500-12) and slots 13-14 
are reserved for Multiplexer Uplink Modules (such as the MUM200-2). Access Modules may be 
placed in any order in slots 1-12. The IPD4000 is a five slot chassis; slots 1-4 are reserved for 
Access Modules and slot 5 is reserved for a Multiplexer Uplink Module.
a. Align the TAM1500-12 with the slot module guides of the chosen slot for installation (slot 
1-12 on the IPD12000 or slot 1-4 on the IPD4000). 
b. Slide the TAM1500-12 firmly into the chassis. DO NOT USE EXCESS FORCE. 
c. Secure the TAM1500-12 by tightening the fastening screws on the module faceplate. 
d. Verify that the PWR (Power) LED on the TAM1500-12 faceplate is illuminated. 
210-0000025 rev04

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