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Foodservice Equipment
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Mini Conveyor T
Mini Conveyor Toaster
TC13A3674, TC13A3663, TC13A3666
Standard Features:
• Stainless steel exterior construction
• 10” wide conveyor belt
• Automatic cool-down feature
• Energy-saving standby mode
• Air-cooled case construction
• Convection air dries product faster
oaster - Models: TC13A3674, TC13A3663 & TC13A3666
• Large, easy-to-operate dial controls
• Separate upper and lower heat 
settings and conveyor belt speed
• High volume (250 slices per hour)
• Factory installed NEMA cord and plug
• Single-piece stainless steel crumb tray
• Damage resistant calrod heating elements
• All models toast bread, buns and bagels
For toasting a variety of breads,
buns, rolls and bagels.

TC13 Mini Conveyor Toasters
Steel construction with a stainless
• Fiberglass return tray.
are designed to uniformly toast
steel finish is used for durability.
• Angled loading rack.
breads in large quantities, using
Includes a stainless steel slide out
(Supplied with TC13D3)
continuous feed methods.
crumb tray for easy clean-up.
• Horizontal loading rack (optional)
• Stainless steel tray (optional) 
General Information:
fits models as an exit tray.
• Chamber opening 1-1/2” (38.1mm)
Available in 120V, 208V or 240V, 1-
• Chamber size: 
phase only. Total rated input is
12-3/4” Long (323.85mm) x
1.6KW (120V), 1.1KW (208V), or
Warranty includes one year parts
10-1/4” Wide (260.35mm)
1.5KW (240V). A factory installed 6
and labor, on-site service. (USA
• Requires approx. 14-1/4” of
foot (1.8m) cord is included.
only) Call factory for warranty
counter space
• Can be stacked two high
When control is set to “ON”, quartz
Product Loading:
infrared elements will turn on to toast
Stacking bracket
• TC13 is equipped with a 
both sides of bread. Lightness and
self-storing loading rack that is 
darkness of the product is achieved
angled for feed the product
by adjusting conveyor belt speed.
into the toaster continuously.
Standby positive allow for energy
savings durning non-peak peroids.
Unique air flow design keeps case,
top and sides cool. The unit is
Rotary 3-position dial selects 
eqquiped with an auto cool down
ON / OFF/ STANDBY positions.
feature which allows the fan to cool
A conveyor speed dial controls the
the outer skin when the unit is turned
belt speed..
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