MD-HE Water Filters 255351 Manuals

MD-HN & MD-HE Water Filters
Part No. 255349 & 255351
Premium quality water filtration created 
for use in Marine Applications.
MD Single Head 
P/N 169110 (1 Pack) 
MD Dual Head Assembly*
Replaces P/N EV927401 
P/N 169111 (1 Pack)
Designed for use with
Replaces P/N EV927402 
MD-HN & MD-HE filter
Designed for use with
MD-HN & MD-HE filter cartridges.
MD Triple Head Assembly*
P/N 169112 (1 Pack)
MD-HN Cartridge 
MD-HE Cartridge 
Replaces P/N EV927403
P/N 255349 (6 pack) 
P/N 255351 (6 pack) 
Designed for use with
Replaces P/N EV961004
Replaces P/N EV962304
MD-HN & MD-HE filter cartridges.
• Reduces chlorine taste and odor, bromine* and other off
• Change cartridges:
tastes and odors that can spoil food and beverages
-  on a regular 6 month preventative maintenance basis
• Reduces dirt larger than one-half micron in size
-  when the pressure gauge indicates a pressure less
• Exclusive 1/2 micron precoat filtration removes >99% of
than 10 psi when the system is operating
asbestos fibers, and >99.95% of cysts such as Cryptospo-
Always flush the filter cartridges after changing.
ridium, Giardia, Toxoplasma and Entamoeba
• Inhibits limescale formation* in pipes and tanks of coffee
makers and icemakers, increasing the life of equipment
• Cartridge heads are extremely durable and have corro-
sion-resistant exterior finishes to withstand severe marine
• Choose a mounting location which is suitable to support
• Each quick-change head or head assembly has its own
the full weight of the system when operating
built-in water shut-off valve and steel mounting bracket.
• Use a 3/8" water line for the MD single head
• Multiple heads are now molded as one piece to minimize
• Use a 3/4" water line for the MD dual and triple heads
leak points and improve strength.
• Do not braze/solder fittings into head
• Never use a saddle valve for connection
• Do not exceed service flow rate (refer to other side)
• Flush filter cartridges by running water to drain at full 
flow through the flushing valve for 5 minutes
* As tested by Everpure

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