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Owner’s Manual
Thank you, and congratulations on your choice of the Roland Digital Piano FP-5.
Main Features
Stylish, Light, Compact Design
The refined design fits in anywhere; and since it is so lightweight and compact, it’s 
easy to take the instrument with you wherever you go.
Authentic Piano Performances
Features high-quality concert grand piano sounds and a Progressive Hammer 
Action keyboard that gives a more realistic piano touch by providing a heavier feel 
in the low end and a lighter feel in the upper notes.
In addition, the FP-5 is equipped with three pedal jacks and comes with a half-
damper pedal capable of adjusting the depth of the resonance, combining to allow 
you to enjoy truly authentic piano performances.
Wide Variety of Tones For Use in Many Musical Genres
The FP-5 offers not just piano sounds, but over 50 different onboard sounds that can 
be used in a wide variety of musical styles.
You can also play Drum Sets with the instrument.
Additionally, the high-quality effects allow you to add more richness and expression 
to the sound.
“Tone Wheel Mode” Simulates Creation of Organ Sounds
Now, you can simulate the way organ sounds are created using the harmonic bars. 
You can turn footages on and off and set their volumes to make fine adjustments in 
the sound.
“Session Partner” Lets You Enjoy Playing with a Session-Like Feel
Enjoy true session-like feel while performing along with a "rhythm" section built 
upon realistic-sounding "rhythms."
You can specify the "rhythm" chord progression with your left hand, and create 
Before using this unit, 
original chord progressions as well.
carefully read the sections 
entitled: “USING THE UNIT 
Experience a Variety of Performances with Dual and Split Functions
SAFELY” and 
Layer two of the FP-5’s many internal tones, play with different tones assigned to the 
left and right sections of the keyboard, and enjoy many other possibilities in working 
2;  p. 4). These sections 
with Performances.
provide important 
information concerning the 
Easy Recording Functions
proper operation of the unit. 
You can easily record your own performances using simple button operations.
Additionally, in order to feel 
assured that you have 
Includes USB Connector
gained a good grasp of every 
Connect your computer to the FP-5's USB connector and exchange MIDI data.
feature provided by your 
new unit, Owner’s manual 
High-quality Speaker Provided
should be read in its 
Enjoy listening to powerful, moving performances thanks to the high-quality 
entirety. The manual should 
be saved and kept on hand 
as a convenient reference.
This owner’s manual is printed on recycled paper.
Copyright © 2002  ROLAND CORPORATION
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in 
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any form without the written permission of ROLAND CORPORATION.

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