24 AWG STC Manuals

Standard FTP Switchboard Cable
24 AWG STC, Shielded, Riser
ADC provides exceptional 85-Ohm central office copper cables for both analog and digital 
services. Reducing electromagnetic interference (noise) and maintaining signal integrity 
enriches data throughput. The improved crosstalk and attenuation of ADC’s central 
office copper cables helps to eliminate throughput bottlenecks at high speeds. Enhanced 
throughput translates to decreased service downtime and increased customer satisfaction. 
As high-speed services move closer and closer to the subscriber premise, size and 
space become significant obstacles. Many of ADC’s central office copper cables have 
been designed with smaller outside diameters and cross-sectional areas without giving 
up performance to meet the demanding space requirements of cabinets and remote 
terminals. ADC’s central office copper cables are chosen for their excellent quality, 
performance, size, and flexibility in many applications, including digital voice, data and 
video. In addition, ADC’s central office copper cables adhere to industry standards and 
known environmental regulations.
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